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renewal. raise your standard. so, dennis, how long have you been in america? a year and a half. no kidding. you speak english really well. so do you. except for your tendency to end sentences with prepositions. what are you talking about? that. he's not wrong. all right... and this is my office. is this part of the tour? nope. good-bye. come on, sheldon, we've hardly shown him anything. all right. this is my desk. these are my books; this is my door. please close it behind you. good-bye. looks like you're doing work in quantum loop corrections. keen observation. good-bye. you see where you went wrong don't you? leonard? (chuckles) yeah? get him out. come on, dennis. i'll show you the rec center. they've got nautilus equipment. do i look like i lift weights? not heavy ones. it's startling to me you haven't considered a lorentz invariant or field theory approach. you think i haven't considered it? you really think i haven't considered it? have you considered it? get him out, leonard. come on, dennis. i'll show you the radiation lab. wow, you won the stevenson award? yes. in fact,
and florida that still have a chance in it. final four coverage, this is interesting, dennis is here. final four coverage could be moving off of network to cable. dennis: under the 16-year contract that cbs shares for march madness with turner, time warner's turner outlooks, it's going to move to cable some year and the final four could move over to tbs or tnt next year and thereafter, alternate every other year for cbs. you know, the last big thing the networks have to claim is those huge exclusive one time live events where millions of eye balls tuning in and now they're starting to lose even that. the college football championship series moved over to cable in about 2010, 2011. dagen: how did the ratings change? could they hang on to all viewers they had? dennis: they're getting up there with fox 27 to 30 million range since it moved to espn so cable can bring in just as many as a big broadcast network and cable, you'll remember, has two revenue streams. advertising and it has cable subscriber fees and more systems are charging extra for sports because espn is the most expensive network
to ask dennis signs of urs to come up and speak a little bit to the rba process. dennis is with the urs corporation and has 30 years of experience in anti-terrorism force protection and physical security. specializes in vunerbility threat and risk assessments and counter terrorism measures. for both state, federal, local, and international clients for rail, subway, bus, tunnel, bridge and air transportation facilities. so with that, i will turn it over to dennis to talk more about the rba. >> before dennis comes up i am looking at the length of the presentation, some of it was presented to the board in terms of why we, or the staff believes that this terminal is an important site for the additional security protections. so i would like you to go through it still, but if we could condense it down and abbreviate it and leave it open for questions from board members that would be great. >> so thank you for having me, today. i want to talk a little bit about the pedigree. to conduct, project of this scale, scope and complexity, it is a pretty big project. urs is a recognized security consul
'd like you to meet dennis kim. dennis is a highly sought-after doctoral candidate and we're hoping to have him do his graduate work here. graduate work. very impressive. and he's only 15 years old. not bad-- i, myself, started graduate school at 14. well, i lost a year while my family was tunneling out of north korea. advantage: kim. gablehauser: i thought maybe you boys could show dennis around. let him see why we're the best physics research facility in the country. i already know you're not. you don't have an open science grid computer or a free electron laser and the string theory research being done here is nothing but a dead end. excuse me, that is my research and it is by no means a dead end. well, obviously you don't see it yet but trust me, you will. gablehauser: dennis, we've discussed this. we're in the process of updating our equipment, and we welcome your input on our research goals and we've agreed to look the other way if you want to use up to 20% of the grant money you attract to smuggle your grandfather out of pyongyang. we want him here, boys. make it happen. yes,
today. dennis: ouch. look, you guys, it's a purely fiscal decision. you don't care about the money. you just like the attention. what the hell is that supposed to mean? "oh, everybody look at me" you know exactly what i mean, pretty boy. - hey, handsome. - hey, beautiful. - hey, sexy. - hey, hoss. i just get along really well with those guys. you get along great. they're vibing. no, you're leading them on. you're not gay. you're just really, really vain. okay, time out. here's what we should do. let's take a vote, all right? fine. all those in favor of paddy's pub remaining a gay bar, say, "aye." - aye! - aye! opposed... keeping in mind that you don't get a vote. - why? - 'cause you're the bartender. you're not an owner. no, no, no. sweet dee gets a vote! she does get a vote. she works there. opposed? all owners opposed say "nay." all owners-- all people who own the bar who are opposed say "nay." all people who own the bar who are opposed say "nay." nay. two against one, two against one. oh, well. paddy's irish pub will henceforth remain the hottest gay bar in philadelphia. hey, hey, wh
by denny's signs and acting by repeating repealing and designing with bob with security and bob from widely associates and kevin duran, and smoke and fire life safety issues. so we have a comprehensive team looking at the work product being parade by urs. to say a few words of director harper's questions, the team first set out to establish kind of the level of importance and the level of protection for the facility as a whole and what was defined for our project was an ise medium for level of protection. so it's not the most stringent level of security protection, and the impacts for our project and the criteria for our project are influenced a lot by the intended design and operation of the facility that the facility is intended to be a very open facility, a transit facility where people come to it expecting to come and go without delays and so forth. so some of the security implications or origination recognize those operational needs of the facility and are addressed surveillance and other issues, but a lot of the impact as i discussed at prior meetings are really what we would call mul
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could move to cable as early as next year. dennis kneale covering this story and joins us now. dennis. >> hello, ashley. kind of a good news, bad news thing for cbs because they're raking in some really good ratings so far in the first week of march madness, the college basketball tournament. cb. is putting out a press release moments ago saying this is some of the highest ratings that the basketball product has brought in over 20 years. just one problem, variety, the trade paper, reports that under cbs's contract with time warner's turner networks the games, the final four in march madness move to cable a at some point. sources telling variety and other publications that could happen as early as 2014. that is next season. that's a blow for cbs as the big broadcasters, the big four have steadily lost audience to the cable dial, the one thing they still control is really, big, exclusive live events you can't see anywhere else. more of those events are defecting over to cable. let's remember in 2011 for the first time the college football championship game ended up going to espn from th
the bacon avocado omelette. only alyt denny's. >> welcome back and watching wall street the dow was up 91 points on friday. cyprus secured a 13 billion bailout early this morning on the condition is scaled back its banking sector and forces have the losses on the number of big deposits to help pay much of the bill. russia's prime minister has landed deal that saved cyprus from bankruptcy but forces big losses on many bank deposits, a large chunk of what are held by russians. michael dell may face competition over his bid to take a computer maker he founded private and a 24.4 billion deal. the wall street journal is reporting that buyout specialist blackstone group and activist investor carli cahn have both notified a special committee of bell's board that they're working on bids for the company. michael dell and a group of investors announced their bid, valued at 1365 per share in early february. south korea's government south korea's government says it will launch a 1.3 billion fund this week to provide debt relief for more than a half a million people on able to take loans. the fund wil
. with creditcards.com, it's easy to search hundreds of cards and apply online. creditcards.com. dennis: i'm dennis kneale kneale with your fox business rates. cyprus has a country rattling wall street. traders were the drastic move to the bailout might read them in stock down for much of the day after hitting new record highs earlier today. the senate banking committee chairman reportedly won't run for reelection next year. according to dow jones, he plans to announce his retirement tomorrow. his office said a press conference for tomorrow afternoon. if you wish here's a believe in open seat on the banking committee. johnson & johnson recalling more than 2 million blood glucose meters worldwide. centimeters failed to operate properly at extremely high glucose readings. that's when outside u.s. and no direct link to the meter has been determined. now continuing our "countdown to the closing bell" with liz claman. liz: it is the battl battle of e titans, let's be honest, but the bidding war for dell is powering up. nicole: michael dell stepping into the ring with his bid 24.4 billion now of course y
in california? in the final lap yesterday, denny hamlin and the number 11 car and number 22, joey logano were battling for the lead, logano hits the wall and hamlin wound up slamming into an infield wall. he was removed from the car and eventually flown to a hospital. his team says looel be all right. afterwards, tony stewart got into a pushing match with logano before teammates pulled them apart. >>> and now some hoops featuring miami and the madness. highlights now from espn. >>> and a good monday morning to everyone. i'm matt barrie. the miami heat trying to keep the streak alive. going for 26 in a row. doing it without dwyane wade against the 16-win bobcats. i'm guessing things were going to be okay. in fact, it was a personal highlight show for lebron james. he had the good stuff against the bobcats. he had it all working, the penetration game, the jump game. 11 of 14 from the field. miami up big at that point. and then kemba walker was just an example. chris andersen the block, to lebron. lebron, 32 points. miami goes on to win. the streak continues, 109-77. >>> how about a trip to the
cars were fighting for the lead. kyle busch passes them. denny hamlin hit the wall. busch got the victory there. >>> play will resume at the arnold palmer invitational after a rain delay. tiger woods is in the lead by two strokes. an interesting fact here. he's won 40 of 42 tournaments when he leads by two strokes going into the final round. we will be watching. and serge know garcia made the shot of the tournament by climbing a tree to knock his ball back onto the fairway. >>> in oklahoma city, a sharpshooting fan made a half-court shot to win $20,000. thunder superstar kevin durant rushed on the court to hug that winner and both fell to the court in quite a celebration. what a shot. >>> just ahead, robert redford could join forces with a superhero. >>> we'll show you amazing images of a crazed great white shark breaking into a cage holding divers. you're watching "early today." >>> well, i mentioned the show? the midwest. now it's in the mid-atlantic. reagan national airport, everybody's got just about an inch of slushy, heavy, wet snow on the ground right now. major travel
and denny's will be helping out with that and it's submitted. we are going to submit volumes and volumes of material and they will come in and make their first determination. they told me on first read it's the best candidate and they will get the certification and designation. in terms of liability, with the question of who is responsible if something happens to the station and after we have implemented? >> no. it was more of a design liability question. >> everybody is liable out there. you want to speak to that, bob? let me have him speak to that so we are a hundred percent clear. >> thank you, director reiskin, i'm guilty of perhaps of not explaining first the geographic relevance. when we looked at along with urs, the population of san francisco which is around 880,000, the way they address the assessment if the population. threats don't know the physical boundary. an aggressor looks at the effect on a region, not necessarily the contract boundaries of the center. so you are probably the 4th or 5th largest metropolitan area in the united states. the icon structures and some of the
? >> ferris wheel? >> unbelievable. >> american rest stops you might get a denny's. >> those are fresh flowers. >> look what else is in the bathroom. >> a traffic monitor? >> to let you if there's any road closures, anything like that. >> i spent a lot of time at japanese rest stops, a lot. the vending machines are the coolest. >> unlike in the united states, you can get beer out of the vending machine but i wouldn't recommend it if you were doing the driving. >> hot dogs, french fries. >> you can get a little outdoor dining experience. >> those are huge hot dogs. >> and they have a food truck there. the one thing i remember being an exchange student is when families go on vacation, if you've got multi generation, you've got multiple needs and this fulfills that. >> do you think people just go on the road to stop at the rest stop? >> that's it for rtm. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com
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'm joined by san francisco city town dennis herrera and austin nimox. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> thank you for having us. >> austin, you heard what karl rove just said. are you on the wrong side of history? >> the only side of history with regard to marriage is the right one regarding the truth. and that really should be decided by the american people. americans have an inevitable and inalienable right to determine our own history and that's really a fundamental aspect of america. we have a massive political debate going on in this country about marriage. and the last thing we need is the supreme court to take this debate away from the american people, print a 50 state solution to the marriage question. that's not what we want. we have democratic institutions for a reason and we need to keep using them as we debate marriage, its meaning and its importance to our society. >> and dennis, prop 8 was approved by voters in california. you want the u.s. supreme court to overturn that law. some say the court maybe loath to do that even with the public ever increasingly on th
. it all started when denny hamlin got into a hard single car crash at inside wall. watch it. on the final lap of sunday's autoclub 400 and airlifted to a local hospital. after an overnight stay doctors say he'll be okay. the guy he was neck-and-neck with before the crash, joey logano then had his own drama unfold before fan's eyes. joey logano and denny hamlin who had traited barbs battled side-by-side, bumping and passing in the laps, that's when denny hamlin crashed. another driver, tony stewart jumps n he's furious about the crash, he runs over to confront joey logano. the two start fighting before crews separated them. joey logano phagd a cheap shot, though he throws a water bottle at stewart, you can hear the crowd cheering or pwaoeupbg, i'm not sure what, they are pretty excited to watch all of thupb fold in one day. stewart described the action of a little girl he quoted, added that it's time he learned a lesson, he's talking about joey logano here. he runs his mouth long enough. he's nothing but a little rich kid who never had to work a day in his life. joey logano said he was rac
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in california. two cars were fighting for the lead but kyle busch passes them. denny hamlin hits the wall, survived and busch got the victory. play will resume at the arnold palmer invitational after a rain delay. tiger woods is in the lead by two strokes. he's won 40 of 42 tournaments when he leads by two strokes going into the final round. >>> and check this out. sergio garcia made the shot of the tournament by climb nothing a tree to knock his ball back onto the fairway. >>> in oklahoma city this fan made the shot to win $20,000. thunder superstar kevin durant rushed on the court to hug that winner and both fell to the court in quite a celebration. good for him. bill karins is back. quite a shot. >> no one is running to hug me today. let's put it that way. >> you're on the bad list. >> careful driving, maryland, delaware, it's snowing good around baltimore. much of maryland, now, coastal maryland and delaware, rain and some of it is moving into cape may, new jersey, but plenty cold i-95 north and west up through southern pennsylvania, it's snowing and snowing pretty good and it's going
. they paint it yellow. when he got a new boyfriend named dennis, they painted it red to get rid of cliff. but it was a beautiful little car. he still remembers it. it disappeared, we think, sometimes in the 1970's. but this is what keeps my hopes up. this actually isn't in carville. this is in the richmond district on ninth avenue. people say, are there any car houses left? are they all gone? have they disappeared? this is an example of how one can surprise you. this is on ninth avenue in the parking lot behind the old coliseum theater. before that park being lot was there the city was looking for houses, spaces, near merchant corridors to create these little parking lots. they bought this house from a mrs. suggs because they wanted to tear it down and put the parking lot in. when they started tearing the house gown, they realized that this kind of boring house was made up of three old cable car trailers. even though the granddaughter who played in the house didn't know that it was made of cable cars, it was hidden behind the stucco. so these little things can surprise you. look at this
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. ♪ >> reporter: i'm dennis kneale with your fox business business brief. the dow finishing 64 points down at 14447. more airlines recording first-class customers. testing. united is revamping cabins for transcontinental premium service. premium travels make up only 8 percent of international passengers but provide 27 percent of airline revenue. in sales of carbonated soft drinks losing their this is according to beverage digest sales fell to their lowest level since 1996. the drop would have been even worse but for the rising popularity of energy drinks like a monster and red bull. despite the decline soft drinks still make up the biggest category of non out rowlock beverages. as the latest from fox business, giving you the power prosper. ♪ david: commuters are often held captive by monopolies to doe have interest in making rice geber a more efficient. our next guest has found a way to challenge the enemies of innovation by way of a mobile phone apple. it's called sidecar and recently expanded to washington d.c. and three other major cities. joining me now, ceo and co-founder. good to s
are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] ...safe driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands? >> traditional espionage. >> hundreds of cyber attacks. >> it is a direct threat. >> it is the easiest way to find out who be trade. >> fox files goes inside espionage in the cold war. they raised members. >> russia continues to send spies to the u.s. >> you are covered sue he kret agents for the russian government. >> it is a story out of the cold war. a nest of spies spread across america from the big cities to the quiet suburbs. june 2010, the fbi and the department of justice revealed operation ghost stories. the arrest of a network of russian spies living and working in america. some were sleeper agents with deep covers hiding behind fake american identities. in the word of the clan desloratadine services they are called illegals. >> they are a part of the soviet system since the creation of the kgp. >> they have written numerous books about the history of espionage. >> because of the cold war it
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and denny hamlin joining for position. kyle busch passes them both for the win. hamlin and logano wreck. hamlin had to be airlifted from the track. they said he is going to be okay. meanwhile, tony stewart was mad at league again know, and there is the punches. tony stewart, i think logano is about half tony stewart's age. in other words, tony stewart is old enough to be his daddy and he was still socking him out there, diane, terry. what is up with that? it's child abuse, come on. >> he has the experience. >> he is into the experience thing. >> thanks, henry. >>> coming up next, a hollywood and broadway legend shares some surprises about her new memoirs. >>> and call them holiday hazards. a look at some of the biggest problems for pets during the easter season. >>> fans of a hollywood legend enjoy quite a treat tonight in the east bay. they learn some interesting new details about rita moreno. the 81-year-old actress has had a resume among the most decorated in show business, and she is a part in a q&a after a screening of west side story. the event was at the small independent heater
to a nascar race in california driver denny hamlin in the number 11 car and number 22, joey logano were battling for the lead in the last lap. logano hit the wall. hamlin ended up slamming into an infield wall. he was stretched off and flown to a hospital. his team says he will be fine. afterward, driver tony stewart got into a pushing match with logano before teammates pulled them apart. drama, drama. >> oh, yeah. >>> passing note, the man credited with making body building a worldwide phenomenon has died. joe weider was behind mr. olympia, and "muscle & fitness" and brought arnold schwarzenegger to the united states and helped make him the star he became. weider died of heart failure. joe weider was 93 years old. i used to buy the muscle and fitness magazines in high school. >> it paid off. >> it didn't work. what happened? supposed to look like arnold. >> you got it. >> close. marci, you acan stay as long as you want. >>> as opening day nears, it seems, derek jeter will start the season on the disabled list. jeter will play in minor league exhibition for remainder of spring training.
bacon obsession with all a new menu items like the bacon avocado omelette. only alyt denny's. a chevron fuel spill near a northern utah bird refuge is now much worse than originally thought. authorities say up to 27,000 gallon may have leaked from a pipeline that carries diesel fuel the spill occurred monday near the bear river migratory bird refuge and willard bay state park, near ogden utah it's chevron's third leak in utah in the last three years. a june 2010 spill involved more than 30,000 gallons of crude oil near red butte gardens in salt lake city, while a december 2010 leak near the same site involved about 21,000 gallons >> american airlines could allow customers with carry- on could board right after first-class. they have been quietly testing this program for several airports including washington, baltimore, fort lauderdale. the response has been positive. save boarding times and it is being supported by travelers. this could encourage more people to check their luggage. once you are >> 5:45. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following doubledevil's slid
logano continues to make enemies on the track. fighting for the lead on the final lap and denny ham lin getting tangled up there. h hamlin crashes hard into the wall. he was air lifted to the hospital but would be okay. after the race logano's troubles continued after tony stewart came after him. the two actually had to be separated there. boy, there you go. lots going on. >>> some newtown residents not happy today after getting a phone call asking them to oppose gun control. and the nra telling michael bloomberg, butt out. why the guns rights lobby is coming out against the new york mayor. [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all? it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here. i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. t
for $299 a month for well-qualified lessees. ♪ $4 doesn't really buy you unless you're at denny's. where there are always great choices for four dollars, on the 2$4$6$8 value menu ®. >>> in the hours after the murder of armored car courier keith palomares detectives and forensic experts were trying to piece together just what happened. they had only the vaguest description of their suspect, a white or hispanic male of average build and average height on a mountain bike. >> we were covering hundreds of tips about a guy on a bicycle in the ahwatukee area. >> reporter: fbi agent lance licing was working the case with phoenix homicide detective paul dalton. their crime scene was a mess, strewn with blood, fragments of six high-velocity bullets, and broken glass from a ticket counter window shattered by the only round that missed keith palomares. >> the body was right here. >> right. >> did he even see it coming? >> i don't think so. we could guess. his gun was in his holster. >> he never got it out. >> never got it out. >> the witnesses out here didn't hear a single demand for money. it was
said she did? >> it isn't plausible janet napolitano is getting off scott free. dennis burke who was in charge of the department of justice side of the operation in arizona has a longstanding personal and professional relationship with janet napolitano. he served as a staffer when janet napolitano was the attorney general in arizona and chief of staff when was governor and followed her into washington, d.c. as an advisor before being appointed back to u.s. attorney by president obama. at the same time he was attorney general as holder's advisory board and he was with janet napolitano two days after the murder of brian terry in arizona. yet, this report claims they never talked about the case. it seems that janet napolitano was asked about it at least. >> gretchen: katie, thanks much. next on the rundown, cabin doors close, friendly skies about to get even nicer if you want your technology on. and petey the pet big cannot say and why is the government. reel we'll be right back ♪ will you still love me tomorrow ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] dunes, desert, or trail, only rzr delivers
to try to force them to come to a final agreement. been written on this subject. dennis ross and many others have a more strategic view. i will tell it from my perspective of an intelligence officer tried to support this team. i suspect few intelligence officers and few diplomats at the time would have given this approach more than a very strong -- small chance of success. everyone knew it was a pretty high-risk scenario, but yet we've really struggled with always being the naysayers. was he would not be able to deliver his own delegation, much less his electorate. the palestinians were fatally split between generations and other issues, and our feeling was the older generation have more sway than the younger generation. it was entirely possible that incapables genetically of saying yes. most of these points of the end of the day proved right. they did not come as any orrprise to dennis or aaron the diplomatic team leading the debt -- delegation, but it was still a role that we consciously knew we could not be the people who constantly said know. so we asked ourselves, how do
. >> and dennis quaid trying to get back together. but the divorce papers already -- >> the papers have been filed with the judge. they haven't been signed yet. according to the california law, at least as i understand it, you get a 60-day grace period. you can take a mulligan, you have 60 days to do it. >> the marriage mulligan. nice. >>> the kid's choice awards. my daughters and your daughter agree on one big thing. >> outraged that jennifer lawrence was not given the butt-kicker award. outraged. >> if not her, who? >> the odds in our house and yours apparently, she should have been. >> second runner up. >> i guess. >> josh duhamel did a great job. >> he did. you're wearing costumes, getting slimed. he congratulated his wife, fergie, who is pregnant. you have to maintain energy. he did a good job. >> the bump off. that was funny. >> it was. exactly. they look good. whole new audience for them now. >> you have to be game to carry that off. >> you do. you really do. it's basically uncomfortable costumes and a dose of humiliation. he did a good job. >> a smart career move, right? >> a very smart ca
the gloves. imus: what's coming up in the briefing, bernie. >> we have dennis rodman and leslie stahl actually says pussy riot. imus: and then we'll be talking with anthony mason. happy birthday to this girl. ♪ what you want ♪ ♪ baby got ♪ ♪ what you need ♪ ♪ you know i got it ♪ ♪ all i'm asking is for a little respect when you come home ♪ ♪ just a little bit, hey, baby, when you come home ♪ ♪ just a little bit ♪ ♪ i ain't gonna do you wrong while you're gone ♪ ♪ ain't gonna do you wrong ♪ ♪ all i'm asking is for a little respect when you come home ♪ ♪ just a little bit, baby, when you come home ♪ ♪ just a little bit ♪ ♪ i don't have to give you all my money ♪ ♪ give me my problems when you get home ♪ ♪ just, when you get home ♪ ♪ imus in the morning ♪ >> let's see, a monday morning smile, shall we? two headlines that should brighten up the day for investors. yeah, good morning, everyone, cyprus, bailout approved, the russian mob loses, the germans win. your 401(k) goes up again today. the budget the president will sign
, 124. and, you know, with -- >> barnicle's books are in there. >> dennis johnson, "tree of smoke". >> that was a great book. great book. after visiting friends is a great book as well. >> see? thank you. thank you. >> and i went to mitchell's clothing store in west port, connecticut two weeks ago. my wife took me there. wait until you see how i'm going to be duded out easter sunday. >> flowers? >> coat, prohibits and everything. >> i want a picture. >> i'll send it to you. you won't believe it either. michael hanihainey, michael's terrific book as i just said, "after visiting friends," a must-read. up next, a look at the morning papers. we'll be right back. [ lorenzo ] i'm lorenzo. i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for one. that company, the united states postal service® works for thousands of home businesses. because at usps.com® you can pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small. well, technically i wear one.
? guest: you can look them up. others,say to denny and it is easy for us to say people should do their time and come back to the community. when people are away from the community for a long punta of time, -- for a long period of time, it is pretty hard to come back. older. and children get how do we prepare people to come back after they have been removed? the types of folks you mentioned, those are the ones we want to keep up on. , to talk about electronic monitoring. there are lots of techniques that we could use. usedrunk drivers, we could interlock systems on cars. we should look at the risks offer to the communities and target different ways to minimize those risks and helping the person regain their livelihood and productivity. without that, they are just going to go back. host: looking at the question of justice. guest: there is a large concern our prisons are filled with people that are basically this advantage and have a lot of inequities in terms of damages in society. half the prison population did not graduate high school. getting people to finish high school should
enemies. loganno and denny hamlin get tangled up. hamlin crashes hard into the wall. he would have to be airlifted to hospital but would be okay after the race logano's troubles continued as tony stewart came after him. the two had to be separated. afterwards stewart didn't hold back his disdain. >> what the hell did he think i was mad about? some little [ bleep ] out of the infield. he wants to [ bleep ] about everybody else. he's the one that drives like a little [ bleep ] i'm going to [ bleep ] >> thanks, tony. >> thank you. >> tiger woods just one round away from reclaiming golf's number one ranking in the world. he currently leads the arnold palmer invitational by three strokes in the final round. check out this stroke to sergio garcia. sergio climbed the try, somehow successfully hit it back into the fairway. that tree was not a safe place to be later on as severe thunderstorms rolled through orlando postponing the final round until today. well this must be the year of the half-court shot. last night a fan was picked out of the crowd at the thunder game to take a shot for $20
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